Zootaxa IF剥奪について Clarivate/Web of Science に対する連合代表緊急声明

日本分類学会連合では Clarivate/Web of Science が雑誌 Zootaxa に対して行ったIFジャーナルからの排除措置に対して,以下のような代表緊急声明を送付しました.

代表 塚越 哲

I am a representative of the Union of the Japanese Societies for Systematic Biology, which is associated with twenty-five societies related to taxonomy in Japan. Under the ongoing global environmental crisis, biodiversity is a fundamental issue, relating to how humans and other species on the planet can coexist. The systematic description of species on earth is an essential science for understanding biodiversity, and is a great work of mankind, spanning four centuries. It is a long-term science that will be continued semi-permanently.

We are deeply concerned that Clarivate has suppressed the taxonomical journal Zootaxa in the latest Journal Citation Reports, because of its high self-citation rate, and we strongly object to such action. Zootaxa is only one of the journals covering zoological taxonomy, but this problem may spread to all taxonomic science journals, and become a concern shared by the entire community of taxonomists.

The descriptions of species, the main subject of taxonomy, not only zoological taxonomy, follow all previous descriptions in synonym lists and also compares them with related species. Such procedures are strictly controlled by international regulations, e.g. the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN). Due to the nature of taxonomic research, the self-citation rate naturally increases. Based on data from the Zoological Record on journals containing taxonomic papers, Zootaxa is at the top, as it includes more than 25% of new taxa described from 2015 to date. The high self-citation rate of Zootaxa is greatly influenced by such a situation.

For taxonomists across the world, Zootaxa is a prestigious journal. Your action will bring great disadvantages to the authors in Zootaxa, especially young researchers in non-permanent positions and those in developing countries. At the same time, your action is a disservice to the entire scientific community, impacting research on the global environment and biodiversity.

Our union aspires to revise this action and reinstate Zootaxa as an IF journal. We expect your positive changes in the next update.



動物分類学に限らず,分類学の主題である種の記載はその性質上,シノニムリストのなかでそれ以前の記述をすべてフォローし,また近縁種との比較を行います.そしてその手続きはICZNのような国際的な規約によって厳密にコントロールされています.このような分類学研究の性質上,自己引用率はおのずと上がります.分類学的論文を含むジャーナルのZoological Recordのデータに基づくと、Zootaxaは、2015年から現在までに記載された新しい分類群の25%以上が含まれているため、おのずと自己引用率は上がります。